Ideal for today’s health-conscious consumer that is always on the go, E-motion Energy Shots and Gels are the first products in Immunotec’s line to provide the energy you need for transforming possibilities into realities. This is true whether you’re running a championship marathon, getting through your workout or hitting the dance floor!

The E-motion brand energy products are the scientifically blended creation of young, active and elite Martial Artist / Pharmacist, Dr. Luc–Pierre Martin-Privat. The catalyst for these high quality energy products was the result of Dr. Martin-Privat’s unsuccessful search for a real and natural product that would provide immediate and long-lasting energy. Unable to find anything on the market that would fulfill his need for sustained energy and mental focus, Dr. Martin-Privat felt compelled to unite both his scientific background and modern-day need to create a superior product that would not only meet his needs, but the needs of a growing trend as well.

Inception of E-motion: Nothing is lost, nothing is created – Everything is transformed

With the principle of conservation of energy, we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.

E-motion Energy enables Immunotec to capitalize on the New Age energy category with exciting, great tasting and distinctly different products. With E-motion we can connect with young and active consumers as we breathe new life into the industry like no other company has ever done before.

The “E-motion” name is quite intuitive. “E” stands for Energy while “motion” represents Movement. The more Energy your body creates, the longer you’re able to Move. And the longer you can move, the farther you’ll go.

Energy is the essence of life and with E-motion Energy, you infuse your body with what it needs for natural inspiration and vitality to conquer all of your ambitions.

Breaking new ground in the pursuit of revitalized energy and enhanced human performance.

The E-motion Energy Gel is a high performance energy gel that uses a proprietary formulation. Supercharged with an advanced, fast-acting and easy to digest concentrated source of both complex and simple carbohydrates along with electrolytes, B & D vitamins and whey pro isolate, this superior product is designed to provide physical and mental stimulation and extended performance and endurance, as well as accelerated muscle recovery.

Designed by athletes for athletes (amateur to professional), the E-motion Energy Gel is an ideal energy fuel for any athlete looking for a clean, “natural” energy source that will enhance their everyday training.

And because this product does not contain any ingredients on the banned substances list,
E-motion Energy Gel is ideal for use during competitions.

As well, as the immune system is often compromised during stressful situations, rendering the body vulnerable, E‑motion Energy Gel ensures optimum health through enhanced immune functions.

E-motion Energy Gel enables both the everyday gym-goer and elite athlete alike to not only champion higher levels of performance than ever before, but also to feel the surge of empowerment that comes with the attainment of new heights.

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* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.