Xtra Sharp®

Xtra Sharp: When You Need an Edge®

Life is demanding—and seems to get more and more demanding everyday, with many of us wanting or needing more energy to perform at our peak.

Often we reach for quick-fix sources of energy like soda, coffee or even the vast selection of “energy drinks” available—but while these substances may provide a rapid lift, they also provide a rapid letdown. The majority of these drinks are loaded with sugar and pure caffeine! Wouldn’t it be better to take just one thing that can give you an extra edge of energy?

Xtra Sharp is Extra Good

Nutrition. Vitality. Energy. Health. This is what Xtra Sharp is all about. Xtra Sharp from Immunotec is all-natural and designed to put the bounce back in your step.

An exclusive blend of herbs and minerals gives Xtra Sharp its real “kick.” But it’s so much more. The minerals contained in Xtra Sharp are some of your body’s all-time favorites: potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. These minerals perform a variety of functions in your body that have long-lasting benefits.

In Xtra Sharp you will find an extract of the plant “Guarana” which grows naturally in the Amazon and has been used there for centuries as energy source. Guarana breaks down into several active compounds including caffeine, theophylline, theobromine and other organic compounds. It also contains tannins and saponins and other proteins that alter the absorption of caffeine. The caffeine is released much slower than the caffeine found in coffee or energy drinks and the effects last significantly longer. The peak effect is less harsh and physiological levels last longer.

Xtra Sharp also has an exceptional assortment of herbs from the familiar, such as Echinacea and Chamomile, to the exotic: Passion Flower, Damiana, Angelica, and Sarsaparilla. Herbs that sound this good must be good for you—and they are!

The unique combination of minerals and herbs found in Xtra Sharp contributes to your overall wellness. Highly concentrated and fast-acting, you can now help to revitalize your body and mind the herbal way.

If nutrition, vitality, energy, and health are words you associate with, then taking this multi-purpose fixer-upper daily will benefit a number of the body’s systems while providing a surge of energy!

Xtra Sharp will provide you with great nutrition and a boost of energy. Containing no sugar or refined caffeine, Xtra Sharp is a natural, nourishing, low-calorie way to provide today’s busy multi-taskers with the edge they need.

Supporting Your Health and Vitality

Xtra Sharp harnesses powerful energy from nature to give you the boost you need while naturally helping to support your health and vitality.

This powerful formula draws from the time-honored wisdom of herbal restoratives. Throughout history, restoratives have been much sought-after, providing energy by nourishing the cells, tissues and organs of the body. They are known to provide sustainable energy and are intended for use over long periods of time.

Xtra Sharp supplies a proprietary blend of 21 restorative herbs in a base of highly-absorbable minerals. Just natural energy—for whatever life brings your way.

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