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Stress – The Price of Progress

The phone keeps ringing, the children keep calling and the boss keeps asking you to complete one more assignment… before you leave for the day. You are stressed to the max. You find yourself eating on the run, skipping meals and getting less sleep than you need. Your body doesn’t like the punishment, and you feel like you are being pushed over the edge. Fight or flight hormones rage and you feel like you are driving a car too fast in first gear. You are conflicted about how to balance work and family and how to get ahead without compromising your quality of life.

When you turn to your doctor for help, the prescription you are given can be habit forming and has side effects that you don’t like. And products like Kava Kava and St. John’s Wort have their downsides too.

Stress has become a fact of life experienced on many different levels ranging from work, family, relationships, lack of sleep and more.

Stress: You Can’t Eliminate It, But You’ve Got to Manage It

It’s a normal part of life. Your body is designed to experience it and react to it. But when you face continuous challenges without relief or relaxation, stress can become a negative force to be reckoned with. Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress. And a huge percentage of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. Is there an answer?

Ask Your Mother!

We’ve all heard the advice – drink a nice glass of warm milk; it will calm you down and maybe even help you get to sleep. What is it in milk that has that calming effect on babies, children and even adults? Researchers have spent some time investigating this question, and a team of French dairy scientists actually found the answer and proved Mom right!

Stress Management – Naturally

These scientists isolated a peptide (small protein) that served as the “active ingredient” in mother’s milk. Following this peptide through the nervous system, they discovered that it bonded to brain receptors in the same regions that conventional anxiolytics like Lorazepam and diazepam do! Further studies showed that this peptide affected receptors on brain cells called GABA receptors. GABA is involved in signaling the brain to feel relaxed, gratified, or sedated. An imaginative member on the team crowned this peptide “PNT-Peptide Naturel Tranquille” or in English “Nature’s Tranquil Peptide”.

Manage Your Stress Naturally

Immunotec offers a healthy solution. PNT 200 is a bioactive milk peptide in capsule form, which helps the body resist stress. The use of PNT 200 on a regular basis is like hiring an assistant to help you keep ahead of the pressures of your life.

Above all else remember this: PNT 200 is naturally sourced. It is derived from milk, contains no additives, and, unlike other products on the market, it is not a drug. That means no known side effects and it doesn’t cause memory loss.

Stressed AND Overweight?

An often-unrecognized contributor to weight gain is stress. Not only does stress disrupt our sleep and raise our blood pressure, it also leads us to bad lifestyle choices like impulsive snacking and choosing high-calorie “comfort foods” or alcohol. One recent finding is that excessive stress can lead to over-production of a stress hormone called “cortisol”. Cortisol performs many necessary functions but unfortunately, if levels are too high, can lead to fat production. PNT 200 has been demonstrated to lower excess cortisol levels in human clinical trials. Even more recently, a link has been discovered between sleep-deprivation and being overweight. Given that over 40% of North Americans may be sleep deprived, PNT 200 addresses this problem as well.

Does PNT 200 Lower Cortisol?



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