Weight Loss – The Elusive Puzzle

How Immunotec “F.I.T.T.s” in

You’ll hear the same opinion from both sides of the fence; those people trying to lose weight and those who counsel on weight loss – no single strategy is effective for everyone. Some people swear by cutting out carbs, some by exercise and some others have discovered a “magical pill”. These people are all sincere about their experiences, but when you use the same approach, it doesn’t work! In fact, any responsible health professional will tell you that the vast majority of people need a combination of strategies. Weight is a function of many factors – eating calories, burning calories, your genetics, and more. What works for one person may not work for another.

Most conservative advice combines a mixture of caloric restriction and exercise, sounds simple and makes sense, but in reality is not that easy to stick to. Cutting-edge researchers are looking at determining an individuals’ genetic make-up to tailor a unique approach for each individual, and this will happen as the human genome project develops over the next few decades. Currently, the most effective strategy uses a multi-directional approach, taking full advantage of the evolving science of weight control. This is the foundation of the F.I.T.T. system, a system that will stack the odds in your favor to both take weight off, and even more importantly, keep it off!

F.I.T.T. – Future in Thinning Technology™

F.I.T.T. solves the weight-loss puzzle using six pieces, all designed to address different aspects that may be contributing to weight control.

Meal Replacement

All three macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are contained at optimal levels. Low in calories, you’ll find this a tasty and nutritious way to fill up!


Immunocal is most often promoted as a supplement to raise glutathione. Glutathione is effectively “food” for the immune system. Many individuals find a “dip” in their ability to fight off threats to their immune system when dieting or making changes to their usual lifestyle. Immunocal offers you patented and clinically proven protection. Glutathione is also your “master antioxidant”, antioxidants being so important in so many aspects of your health. Glutathione is also one of the most critical substances in your liver for cellular detoxification. Many schools of thought believe that toxic load and pollution is a major contributor to weight gain.

Finally, one often-overlooked aspect of Immunocal is its “BV”. BV stands for “biological value” – a measurement of how important any edible protein is to your body. It is a reflection of how much of the protein is made up of essential amino acids. Immunocal contains all the essential amino acids and has the highest BV of any supplement available. Avoid the potential amino acid deficiencies often encountered in dieting!

Naturally Sourced Calcium

Of all the supplements that may be recommended by a doctor, calcium is the most common. The health benefits of calcium are well documented. The health benefits of ,milk calcium go even further. Researchers have studied the effect of dairy calcium against calcium derived from other sources. Milk calcium has been shown to be much more effective in controlling weight.

What’s more, Immunotec’s Naturally Sourced Calcium is much more than just calcium – it is a milk mineral complex. Immunotec’s Naturally Source Calcium also contains magnesium, phosphate, potassium, zinc and copper, in amounts similar to that found in human bone. Milk calcium is the way nature intended us to get our calcium!

Thermal Action

Many people need that extra boost in energy to face their day, do their exercise and maintain an active lifestyle. Thermal Action will supply you with that boost and will also have some other direct effects on your ability to lose weight. The components; guarana (an Amazonian shrub), catechins (from green tea), and chromium (chromium picolinate), combine to raise your metabolism, “burn” fat, and have even been studied in cholesterol control, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Put science on your side!

PNT 200

An often-unrecognized contributor to weight gain is stress. Not only does stress disrupt our sleep and raise our blood pressure, it also leads us to bad lifestyle choices like impulsive snacking and choosing high-calorie “comfort foods” or alcohol. One recent finding is that excessive stress can lead to over-production of a stress hormone called “cortisol”. Cortisol performs many necessary functions but if levels are too high can lead to fat production. PNT 200 has been demonstrated to lower excess cortisol levels in human clinical trials. Even more recently, a link has been discovered between sleep-deprivation and obesity. Given that over 40% of North Americans may be sleep deprived, PNT 200 addresses this problem as well.

Lifestyle Enhancement

Immunotec’s conference calls, F.I.T.T. support team and coaching materials will help you make the adjustments for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Yes, we’ll even give you a meal plan!

F.I.T.T.’ing the Pieces Together

To solve a puzzle, all the pieces need to be there. Immunocal’s F.I.T.T. system addresses the solution using a safe and scientific multi-faceted approach to ensure your success. For more detailed information on any of the individual components, contact your Immunotec Distributer today.