Everyone can learn to generate more traffic, leads and sales with video. Video is powerful when it comes to marketing and Youtube is no exception. You can’t afford to ignore Youtube anymore because it’s receiving over three billion views each day. Shouldn’t some of those views mean more business for you? They certainly can when  you begin to use the power of  Youtube and Video.

Youtube is the third most visited website and the number two search engine right behind Google. Google actually wants more content on rapidly growing sites such as Youtube. Part of the reason is that Google owns and loves Youtube. Therefore, you should consider turning your simple videos into more traffic for your site and more leads for your business. Perhaps that way you’ll be Google slap proof?

Today we are in the middle of a fundamental shift of how people find and share information on the Internet! Video is one form of content that you can’t afford to be with out! However, it’s often fear that stops people from achieving the success they deserve.

They get stressed out and are often told that the stress is not good and to take it easy. Wrong! The right kind of stress is good and will make you stronger. We apply stress to our bodies when we exercise and it does a body good. When we process and learn new things we go through periods of  stress. The brain responds by becoming stronger and more creative. I love that!

Learning Youtube and video marketing may cause a little stress because many people are fearful of the camera and don’t know exactly where to begin. That’s OK. Remember, you don’t have to upload and market anything until you’re ready. Many people relieve stress by learning exactly what to do and applying what they’ve learned.

Prepare and practice with a professional course. Video Traffic Academy is well done and will give you the knowledge you need to create a powerful video marketing strategy. They teach you how to create and develop your strategy, optimization and how to rank your videos for maximum exposure. Jump right in and begin to lay the foundation for video marketing success. Today is the best day to drive more traffic to your website. Go! Go! Go!

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