People worldwide are overworked, over taxed, underpaid and stressed out. People who are stressed out need to take a vacation from everything that’s causing them stress.

But, it’s not that simple. I just said that they are underpaid and overworked. How are they going to afford a great vacation? They need money to pay for the trip the time to take it.

Many people go on vacation by charging it on credit cards and other available lines of credit. When they return home from vacation they need a vacation from their vacation. It actually causes more stress and not just for a period of time. They return in a worse financial position then when they left and the bills are larger then ever.

Everyone should Join Immunotec for the incentive trips alone. Incentive trips are used by company’s to get you motivated to sponsor more consultants which leads to more sales. The company grows the number of consultants and so did you.

The requirements to earn fancy incentive trips are very achievable and remember it’s not a contest so everyone who wants to earn the trip can. The company’s typically pays for everything and you’re on the trip with like minded people.

Spending time with other successful like minded people assists you with ypur self improvement goals. Many people who attend incentive trips actually make more money when they return. You’ll never want to miss an incentive trip. They are simply too much fun to miss. Go for it!

Last year I was in France, Italy and Spain all paid for by the company I represent. I will remember the trip for the rest of my life and returning home with zero new debt and no stress is priceless.

This year I was in Los Cabos Mexico. Here’s a video of me showing off the suite and magnificent views. Also, I’m interviewing April Tucker a network marketing rock star taking it easy.


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