Lifestyle Stories:

Normand Robert

I’ve been a Consultant with Immunotec for three years. I experimented with different approaches to achieve the best results. Without a doubt, one of the most effective is networking.

Lise Lebel

The Success Guide is appropriately named. It’s a simple tool to use and teach… Using Immunotec’s tools is what leads to explosive growth.

Sandi Walper

Success. How do we define this seven letter word? I’ve chosen to believe that the opportunity to communicate with people, explore health and nutrition and meet new and interesting types of people are all attributed to this one word. Immunotec has given me the opportunity to live without fear in a debt free environment. I can honestly say that I own my life, thanks to the Immunotec opportunity. I used to wonder how accomplished marketers managed to balance life and work. I realize now how fundamental the answer truly is: simply believe that we are meant to live to work and not work to live.

Stacey Minogue

The Success Guide has proven to be a supportive tool in growing my business. After experiencing first hand the benefits of taking Immunocal, I decided I wanted to share this amazing product with others and make it my business. Never having worked in network marketing myself, I found the steps they provided in the Success Guide easy to follow.

Lucien Labarre

In my first year with Immunotec, I attended all the events held between Quebec City and Toronto, whether or not I had guests, and I noticed that the faces that always showed up were the faces of those who succeeded.

Lori Currie

As a former school bus driver earning just $600 per month, I’m now earning more than $100,000 per year and have the time and freedom to enjoy it. As a single parent, my business has allowed me to build a beautiful new home and send my daughter to university.

John Solleder

Immunotec allows me to be a full-time dad at home, the ability to be with my children daily, attend their school events – I’m normally one of the few dads present – all while earning a six-figure income. Because our flagship product Immunocal is unique and yields results, thousands of people in our group use Immunocal monthly. This has enabled my family and me to build a substantial residual income. The best part is that money keeps on coming whether we are at work or at play!

James Spencer

I have an immense sense of gratitude for Immunotec. Its products dramatically improved the health of many in my personal family, and thousands of others I have come to know. When I seriously developed it into a business vehicle it made me financially independent. My home, my lifestyle, the freedom to have control of my time, goals, and activities are all possible thanks to my Immunotec business.

Gérald Mayer and Guylaine Caron

For us, Immunotec offers a one of a kind opportunity with its compensation plan based on residual income combined with the opportunity for exponential growth. It’s a unique chance for anyone who has the courage to keep trying until they succeed.

Rénald Plamondon

I invested less than $600. I put in the time and I generated over $1 million in revenue while still working as a police officer. Immunotec means reaching your full potential in overall health – physical and financial health, as well as personal growth.



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