Prostate Health

Maintaining prostate health is a major concern for men 40 and over in North America.

The prostate gland in men plays an important role in both urinary function and sexual health. As men get older, their prostate keeps growing, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms. Studies indicate that half of men over the age of 40 have symptoms of prostate enlargement, and this number increases with age.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms?

  • More frequent visits to the washroom at night
  • Slower or weaker stream
  • Feeling like you still have to urinate even after visiting the washroom
  • Pain or burning on urination
  • Increased urgency and frequency of urination
  • Decreased sexual activity and occasional impotence
  • Lack of bladder control—incontinence

If you or someone you know are experiencing these types of symptoms, visit a health professional to rule out more serious problems. Fortunately, there are natural options that you can take advantage of to address the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Introducing Magistral

A unique product for men over 40, Magistral is a fast-acting, natural liquid product that consistently helps to relieve symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia*.

Magistral contains a proprietary extract of Saw Palmetto, the best-studied herb for the support of prostate health, together with four other herbs to help men maintain life-long vitality.

  • Magistral uses a proprietary technology to extract only the active oil portion of the Saw Palmetto berry, so Magistral contains the maximum amount of bioactivity from the Saw Palmetto plant. This is unlike most other commercially available Saw Palmetto products, which include extracts of the whole berry, including leaves and pulp, and significantly dilute the active oil portion which results in much weaker activity. Saw Palmetto helps to relieve the urological symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).
  • In addition to the unusually high concentration of the active Saw Palmetto oil, Magistral also contains four carefully selected, energy-boosting vitality herbs.
  • Magistral has been proven to be an effective, fast-acting natural alternative for supporting prostate health.

Rate Your Prostate Health

Find out now … with the following assessment survey: This survey was developed by the American Urological Association (AUA) and is currently the standard test to determine urinary health.

Prostate Symptom Survey

For questions 1 – 6, score 0 for not at all; score 1 for less than 1 time in 5; score 2 for less than half the time; 3 for about half the time; 4 for more than half the time; and 5 for almost always.

Score Yourself (please complete each field):

Over the past month or so, how often have you had a sensation of not emptying your bladder completely after you finished urinating?
Over the past month or so, how often have you had to urinate again less than two hours after you finished urinating?
Over the past month or so, how often have you found you stopped and started again several times when you urinated?
Over the past month or so, how often have you found it difficult to postpone urination?
Over the past month or so, how often have you had a weak urinary stream?
Over the past month or so, how often have you had to push or strain to begin urination?
Over the past month, how many times did you most typically get up to urinate – from the time you went to bed at night – until the time you got up in the morning? (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)

The sum of the answer scores gives us a better idea of the prostate condition as follows:
1 – 7 = Mild
8 – 18 = Moderate
19 – 35 = Sever

If your score shows that you should be more concerned about your prostate health, see your health professional.

Complementary Products

  • Omega-3 + CoQ10 with Turmeric. Omega-3 fatty acids promote the production of hormone-like substances in the body called prostaglandins—which get their name because they were first found to be important in the prostate gland. Omega-3 is an excellent addition to the proprietary extract and herbs in Magistral.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Chlorella. The Immunotec® Vitamin and Mineral Supplement supplies the minerals zinc and copper which are supportive of a healthy prostate.

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* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.