Probiotic with Cranberry

For the optimal health of your digestive system – with antioxidant power.

A balanced intestinal flora is made up in large part of “good bacteria” which work hard to promote digestion through enzyme production. These same “good bacteria” take part in many other activities, the main one being supporting the immune function. As such, the intestines play a vital defense role by acting as a barrier between the exterior and interior environments.

The digestive system normally contains a sufficient quantity of the good bacteria, but under certain conditions (bad diet, stress, taking antibiotics, etc.) the internal balance between “good” and “bad bacteria” may be disturbed.

Probiotic cultures are beneficial bacteria that maintain and restore the balance of our intestinal flora.

Created through research at Immunotec, Probiotic with Cranberry dietary supplement is a revolutionary complex, which combines a blend of Probiotic, Prebiotic and “Superfruit” (a premium cranberry concentrate), in a unique symbiotic formula. This formula has been specially designed to naturally stimulate healthy digestive functions and natural defenses.

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Complementary Products

Probiotic with Cranberry is part of your daily essentials, so you can take it with all of your Immunotec products to promote good health and wellbeing thanks to a better absorption of nutrients of each of these products.

Immunocal®. Through its effect on three distinct yet intrinsically complementary biological mechanisms, Probiotic with Cranberry acts together with Immunocal® in complementary fashion.

  1. Regulation of intestinal immune system activity.
    – Maintains immunity while weak.
    – Reduces overactivity of the immune system (allergies or intestinal inflammatory diseases).
  2. Direct antimicrobial effects, mainly through inhibiting pathogenic bacteria from invading and adhering to inner intestinal walls.

Daily Essentials Pack. Laboratory research has shown that probiotics improve the bioavailability of all minerals, notably calcium, iron, zinc and copper.

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