The reasons that Realtors make great Immunotec Consultants are many. The reason that more Realtors are not pursuing a career with Immunotec Research is a mystery. Both careers are challenging and rewarding. However, their are some simple truths that make me believe more Real Estate Agents would choose Immunotec.

First, some of the reasons that Real Estate Agents make great Immunotec Consultants are that they know trading hours for dollars is not the best way to earn a living. Realtors are used to prospecting, qualifying, mentoring, assisting customers, advertising, creating new relationships while maintaining previous ones, working for commission and being self-motivated.

The reasons that more Real Estate Agents should pursue a career in network marketing are that the skills needed for building a successful career are very similar. However, the rewards can be far greater.  Immunotec has products with a global reach that touches the lives of thousands more people while earning more money. Yes! You can earn more money with Immunotec then you can as a Realtor. Immunotec Research is a network marketing company and the network marketing industry has created more millionaires than any other industry. This includes Real Estate.

Real Estate Agents must wake up each morning and start all over again and depending on the current market conditions that can be tough. Immunotec doesn’t have the same challenges because the customers buy monthly and you build a residual income that pays you for a life time.  Immunotec always does fantastic and in tough economic times even better.

One powerful difference is that Real Estate Sales  is a self employed position and Immunotec consultants have ownership and they can sell the passive income that they create. Even the Real Estate Broker has no proven way to expand. The well trained agents open their own office or move to an office for a larger commissions. The Immunotec owner can tell all the industry secrets because the well trained consultants make more money by staying. It’s a proven way to expand. That”s another reason the passive residual incomes continue to rise.

Consider joining Immunotec today and begin to build your own business. It’s the perfect addition to complement your Real Estate Sales position. Not working weekends and holidays in priceless. Being able to go to children’s activities is priceless. Being able to live anywhere and go on month long vacations is priceless.  Immunotec is for the things in life that are priceless. For everything else there’s a sales position. By joining Immunotec today your yearly income may become your monthly income along with the time and freedom to enjoy what matters.

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